Don’t ask about Pandiraj’s fiancée

What would be your first question to your friend or relative when they come up with good news that they’re getting married? How does the bride-bridegroom? Is she fair? Is he good looking?

Doubtlessly, ‘Pasanga’ fame Pandiraj seems to be fed-up with such questions put forth about his yet-to-be-spouse. But the director is so stubborn about not answering any of their calls. All that he says, “Just come to my marriage and you’re gonna see her. But please don’t ask anything about her now…”

It’s a smart answer by Pandiraj indeed!!!!

For Pandiraj, we wish him that his marriage will bring more fortune. He never had a happy past as his parents passed away prior to his successful debut. For sure, his parents will be showering their blessings from heaven on their beloved son.

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