Doctor Rajashekar’s nightmarish sandbagging acts

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It is an exactly a hair-raising for who just got to heed the blood-curdling act of Dr. Rajashekar. At present, shooting for his film ‘Satyameva Jayathe’, Bollywood Actress who recently shot to more fame with ‘Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye’ had paired up with him. Unfortunately, she fell sick and shooting for around 18hrs a day wasn’t possible. Unbearable to feverishness, she immediately left the shooting spots for her hotel room.

Actress Neetu says, “It was really a scary moment as Rajashekar, his wife Jeevitha producer of this film and some of the film’s crew barged into my room. Rajashekar dragged me into the hotel lift and threatened that he would kill me. As he was boozed up, I couldn’t do anything. With no options left, with my disturbing sickness, I completed shooting for the schedules and fleeted back to Bangalore on the same midnight…”

And there goes a contrastive statement rendered by Jeevitha who is shocked about Neetu’s new story about Rajashekar… Jeevitha says, “Rajashekar has been kind enough to her all throughout the shooting. As she reported about her illness, he provided her with medical assistance. Shooting was on the last legs as the film is slated to hit the screens on Jan 15. But she left the shooting spots scolding me in abusive words that made us quite upset. But, about her tale of Rajashekar sandbagging her is something ridiculous”.