Diwali Releases – Audience Reactions – Shocking reports

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Diwali 2009 – sent us off with a great disappointment with almost all the big tickets disappointing us badly.

Kollywood Today brings us some of the interesting (sometimes maybe funny) comments we heard during the screening of all these flicks, which hit screens for Diwali.

Aadhavan – Oops! We aren’t placing a rigid statement that those words from an unknown person had it’s impact on the film. But there were some vibrations emitted. There happens to be a famous saying – Govinda….. Govindaaa….h’ which means the mission is flunk. Naturally, we could hear the words uttered by the person right before the special screening of film on Diwali eve. There were certain words we could hear after the climax. But we are sorry about not bringing out those bad words, which may hurt us and well the film crew too. When Vadivelu emitted uttermost comedy, Surya too was applauded for having delivered the best rib-tickling comedy tracks. The spoof on stunt sequences from ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ and climax fight sequences inspired from Vijay’s ‘Villu’.

Peranmai – To be precise, the film had no such funny comments as Aadhavan had. Smashing down Roland Kickinger was an odd factor. But the rest was something perfect. In fact, the audiences were so attached to the film that they were tensed as couple of girls gets killed.

Jagan Mohini – The audiences were running out of theatres in the interval point itself.

P.S: These were real comments and observations made by us and they aren’t conspiracies.

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