Directors Vs Producers – An Everlasting War

This has been the most sensational and indeed the hot issues prevailing across the film industries over for a long time. Directors fascinating Producers with a good script and getting paid with advance amounts. However, certain delay in commencing the project letting off disappointed either with producer or director and sometimes even actors. Let’s glimpse back to the issues pertaining to this exclusive in past one month.

Moser Baer eliminated Navya Nair from the film ‘Aval Peyar Tamizharasi’ where she was supposed to be featured in female lead. But, for unknown reason, she got dropped. Navya suddenly raised to the situation saying that Moser Baer didn’t pay her remuneration for Raman Thediya Seedhai. Things were settled when Producer Dhananjayan of Moser Baer had stated that for a call sheet of 3 days, she was paid sum of Rs.5Lakhs.

Next came the issue of Prakash Raj Vs Director S.D.Saba. It was day before yesterday, the film ‘Maa’ was launched. Then, Prakash Raj rose up to the situation saying that he had paid advance amount to Director Saba, but he has dashed down his hopes. Speaking in his terms, Saba agreed saying that while filming of ‘Naam’ produced by Prakash Raj, the script was confirmed and was slated to commence the shooting within a short period. With almost all the films churned out by him flunking at box-office, Prakash Raj kept delaying. Unbearable to the extreme patience, Saba narrated the script to other producer and the filming has started now.

The other issue is the most fantasizing and sensational was King Khan biting Director Shankar with tiff over the titles of Robot… Both the bigwigs of tinsel town had completed their discussions about kick-starting their big project. Imagine, Shah Rukh Khan shelling out Rs.125Crores that has been shared by Eros International and Ayngaran Films. But varying perspectives of modifications in the script led to tiff.

And now, it’s somewhat funny to see that Shah Rukh Khan has registered around 9 titles with Robot as the keyword. ‘Robot’, ‘Robot Mera Naam’, ‘Main Hoon Robot’, ‘Hero Ae Robot’ and many more… Director Shankar who had plans to dub the film in Hindi has been frizzed with lots of confusions….

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