Director Venkatesh and Sundar C joins

Director A.Venkatesh whose previous film ‘Vaitheeswaran’ was an average hit is ready with his next film titled ‘Vaada’. Sundar C who has been witnessing hits after hits performs the lead role. Screenplay Entertainment that earlier produced Vishal starrer ‘Sivapathikaaram’ and Prasanna-Udhayathara starrer ‘Kannum Kannum’ produces this film. At present, Sundar C is busy shooting for the films ‘Thee’ where he plays encounter specialist and in ‘Perumal’ as a politician.

His recent venture with Aayudham Seivoam has yielded him good results and in the mere future in his career, he has been expecting the same results. Speaking about his time-being halt to direction, Sundar C says that his call sheets are scheduled till the year 2010 and he has no ideas to think about direction now.

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