Director Murthi says that he has not made fun of woman police

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Vedigundu Murugesan has Pasupathy and Jyothirmayee in the lead. The film has been directed by Murthi. Recently a complaint with regard to the title was made to the Commissioner of Police stating that the title instigates violence and they have made fun of the police by making a woman police officer dance and hence the title should be banned. When asked about this to Murthy, he said,” Vedigundu Murugesan is not a violent film. There is no blood, sickles and knives. Only the title seems to be violent but the film is a very soft film. The woman police officer dancing is only a fantasy. There is no making of fun or defaming them.

Pasupathy while speaking about this film said,” There is comedy and action in Vedigundu Murugesan. I did the intimate scenes with Jyothirmayee as per the director’s instructions. The actresses who paired with me were all beautiful. All the women right from my mother are beautiful. I would like to act as a villain. The flop of Kuselan has not affected me.”

Dheena has composed the music. Senthil Kumar and P S Ganesh of Annamalai Films have produced this film.

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