Director K.Balachander’s shocking speech at Kuruvi celebrations

Well, we are there in bringing the first exclusive news about the happenings of now there at Park Sherton Hotel. Yup! we are getting on with 150th Day celebration of Kuruvi where the entire star-casts of the film are gathered for celebrations.

Actor Vijay, Vijay’s wife Sangeetha, Father S.A. Chandrashekar, Venkat Prabhu, Premji Amaran, Director Dharani, Vivek, K. Balachandar, Actress Ramya Krishnan, Srikanth, Producer RB Choudary, K.S. Ravikumar, Actor Sibiraj and wife Revathy are present there enjoying the occasion.

Fine! Everything is going on smooth and well, until Director K.Balachander. entered there down at the occasion and shocked everyone with his speech. “Yes, Kuruvi is an excellent movie and I enjoyed watching it at Pirated DVD” and stepped out. Did he wanted to mean that he didn’t have to watch it in theatre or does he wants to say that Kuruvi is a flick that is worth watching on just pirated DVD.

This isn’t just the end, for there would be more some highlights that may happen down there at the star-spangled occasion and keep logging to Kollywood to take a look on news before that it would appear in any other source…

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