Director Bala’s plea to Civil Court

Director Bala was earlier framed for filming his ‘Naan Kadavul’ with more physically challenged groups. Instantaneously, many groups of Welfare Association for Physically Challenged came up with a rigid statement that Bala must be taken into tasks by Civil Court for having tortured the innocents to complete the shots with perfection.

With Bala ready to commence his next project very shortly, he made his way to Civil Court with a plea of dismissing the case. According to the reports confirmed by his closer sources, it is stated as Bala said, “The film ‘Naan Kadavul’ had hit the screens in January and now none of the theatres have been screening the film. Now, there’s no point in banning the film as the opposite parties have filed the case. I have requested the judge to close the case as there is no need to continue it.’

Heeding to his plea, Civil Court Judge Sakthi Kumar has scheduled the next hearing on 16th of this month.

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