‘Direction is not my ambition’ – Ajith Kumar

When Ajith was asked that how all of a sudden how he got himself involved in the story and screenplay in Asal, he said,” It is not all of a sudden. When I see a good project, I get myself involved in other matters apart from acting and all those films have become a great success. For example I can say Kadhal Mannan, Amarkalam, Vaali and Billa. It is the same thing in this film also. But this time I ahd come into the title. This happened because of the magnanimity of Producers Ram Kumar, Prabhu and director Saran.

My prayer was that this film should be a great success for Shivaji Productions because of their good hearts. The next generation of Shivaji’ sir Ram Kumar’s son Dushyianth and Prabhu’s son Vikram have worked so hard in this production. Now I am happy that this hard labor has paid. Many are asking me whether Aamir Khan is my role model.

Yes you can say that. Rajni, Kamal and Aamir are my role models. Today’s cinema is traveling in a different time of path. New ideas are cropping up inside and winning. We should also get ready for next generation cinema. Don’t ask me immediately whether I am going to become a director. Definitely this is not my goal.”

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