Dinam Dinam Deepavali on its 150th episode

For those who were fed watching the annoying TV series that had nothing for you other than soaking your eyes with tears, Dinam Dinam Deepavali happens to the biggest relief. Featured in Mega TV, this is a mega series that is sure to make you laugh to the peak level before going to sleep every day. This series has captured the hearts of masses and this week, it will successfully complete 150 episodes.

Telecasted every night at 9.30, it has a whole set of actors who perform comedy based role with an ease. Nalini, Paandu, Saadhana, Kumaresan, K.S.Jayalakshmi, Vandana, Ramya Bharathy, Lakshmi Raj and many others.

T.Gunavathi produces this series with the banner name of Thiruvalluvar Kalai Kudumbam with Ganesh Rajendiran penning story and directing it. Surya Prakash cranks the camera.

This series is about the daily happenings in the joint family system. The joys and pains in the family presented are so naturalistic and it has been depicted in a jocular manner…

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