Did Ananya recommend Samuthirakkani for Mohan Lal?

The recent reports have sensationalized the story about Samuthirakkani making his debut in Malayalam film industry as a villain against Mohan Lal. The Malayalam film is directed by Padmakumar and is titled as ‘Shikar’ meaning ‘Hunt’ in English.
According to the official reports, it has been mentioned that Mohan Lal was very much impressed with the brilliant performance of Samuthirakkani in ‘Subramaniapuram’, in which his delineation as baddie top-notched to a greater scale. Appositely, he has found that Samuthirakkani will be the right guy to perform this role.
Ananya of ‘Nadodigal’ fame will be playing Mohan Lal’s daughter role and Lakshmi Gopal as his wife. It seems that Samuthirakkani has an equal footage as Mohanlal. But now, the biggest buzz is that Ananya, the close pal of Samuthirakkani has reportedly recommended him for this film.

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