Dhanush – Sooraj for the remake of ‘Maapilai’

Looks like Dhanush has no ideas about getting on for an original script or a new title in his career. Earlier, he had been using the titles of his father-in-law Superstar Rajnikanth and now just goes off for the same remakes. Dhanush will be now performing the lead role in the remake of yesteryear commercial success ‘Maapilai’. Great hunt for the actress is going on and sooner rest of the cast and crew would be finalized. Director Sooraj who recently made great success with Dhanush in ‘Padikadhavan’ directs this remake.

He says, ‘Although, it’s a remake version, we would be getting on for a new-fangled screenplay with interesting commercial elements.’ The original version had Amala in the female lead with Sri Vidhya as the mother-in-law of Rajnikanth. The film is about the egoistic tiffs between in-laws.

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