Dhanush and Selvaragavan to compensate for Irandam Ulagam Loss


Selvaraghavan’s much anticipated Irandam Ulagam opened to extreme negative reviews, Though some praised the movie for his visual experience, Majority thrashed the movie for being plotless and termed it as total disaster. With this negative word of mouth going viral the movie is expected to face a big loss of around 40 crores, Considering the movie was made at whopping budget of 66 crores. Inorder to recover the huge loss it is said PVP cinemas have already signed a deal with Selva for a film with Dhanush. However there wont be any salary for Selvaraghavan.
Sources add the agreement has already been signed by Selva and PVP Cinemas. If the Dhanush-Selva movie earns profit (that is covering all proposed film’s budget + Irandam Ulagam’s Loss) Then and only then will Selva get his salary.

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