I am a devotee of Raja sir – Suhasini Manirathnam


As part of his world tour, maestro Ilayaraja will be travel ing to Melbourne to enthrall his innumerous Australian fans with his live stage concert `Raja Raja Thaan’. Announcing this at a recent press gathering, the Isai Gnani said, “People ask me why I seldom conduct such shows. Here, people are not willing to pay the price needed for a show of such a grand scale. But those abroad have been calling me with warmth and they can also afford.“

Suhasini Maniratnam, who is also a part of the show as the chief guest, went emotional while speaking about the musical genius. She reveals, “I am a big fan of Raja sir. I can even call myself as a bhakta or devotee of Raja sir. His songs have always served as a big boost and motivated me all along my life whenever I was down. His songs on `mother’ are truly inspirational. I have seen him when I was in school at the age of 12 as a young energetic man with a guitar in his hand.“

Incidentally, Suhasini’s debut film Nenjatthai Killadhe had Raja’s musical score. “I still remember my first film where I had to walk and jog for Raja sir’s evergreen melody Paruvame Pudhiya Paadal Paadu. I think I am blessed,“ she muses. Pointing out towards Ilayaraja, she adds, “You don’t know what kind of impact you have made in our lives with your soulful numbers.“ Raja, in his signature style, replied in a lighter vein, “The moment I know about it, I would stop composing music.“

The show is scheduled for September 28 at Convention Center , South wharf, ntion Center, Sout Melbourne.

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