Dasavatharam – Music Review

Long time indeed! Dasavatharam has been hitting the headlines of far-flung corners right from the day of movie launch. Well, the reason is so simple and that’s the stunning approach of Uzhaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan donning 10 different roles. Perhaps, the audio launch of movie was hosted in a grandeur manner with Hollywood superstar Jackie Chan appearing for the event along with other superstars of Indian Cinema Amitabh Bacchan, Mammooty and Vijay.

Himesh Reshamiyya indeed has lived up to the expectations by scoring stunning music each with different genres. Kollywood Today brings you the exclusive music review of Dasavatharam music album.

1. Uzhaga Nayaganae – The starting lines itself marks that it is all about Kamal Haasan, a stunning star who has been elevating the standard of Indian Cinema. Vairamuthu has penned lyrics for the song and Vinith has rendered his voice. Well, getting in detailed about the visual treat, you will have Director K.S.Ravi Kumar dancing along with 10 different Kamal Haasans and other casts in the film. Interesting isn’t?

2. Kallai Mattum Kandal – Spiritualistic chanting is all with the song begins followed by Hariharan’s voice. The music has been composed for the exact backdrop of 12th Century and the instrumentals are something awesome when compared to Hariharan’s voice.

3. Oh Oh.. Sanam – Kamal Haasan, a multi-faceted personality takes hold of the song by singing with his voice. The lyrics are so simple, but it is so meaningful that it gets into your minds for the very first time you are going to listen for it. Hats off to Vairamuthu for a wonderful work…

4. Mukunda – Mukunda – A different tune from the other ones in the album. Be whatever may be the style or situation, Sadhna Sargam’s voice remains the same without any modulation. And its your part to decide whether this is something positive or an adverse attribute. Anyways, the song is so soothing for your ears and makes you hum along with it. Kamal Haasan shares up the song presenting his voice for it.

5. Kaa… Karupanoom – Shalini Singh with her bold and unique voice steals it all your attention and dudes we are sure you are sure to loose yourselves for the missy who is gonna dance for it on the screen. Yup! The gorgeous hot Malikka Sherawat shakes her legs as a club dance and Vairamuthu has written the lines.

6. Oh..Oh Sanam – Fine and Cool! How would be an album when there is no remix and Himesh Reshamiyya rocking with his voice? This remix has Himesh Rehamiyya and Mahalakshmi Iyer singing together accompanied with the excellent combo of more instruments and heavy beats.

So, songs of Dasavatharam are rocking and so will be the film.. If you yearning out to listen to the finest tunes, grab your copies at the racks of your nearest audio stores.

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