Dasavatharam breaking caste barriers

Everyone was more excited to watch the movie Dasavatharam and for many that would have been their only notion in these recent days. The movie has witnessed grandeur release right throughout the city and of course the splendid job by Kamal Haasan has been well-praised.

Over here in this flick, there is a specified scene where an Old Brahmin Lady (Kamal Haasan) who is bit mentally challenged is searching for her son without being aware that he has passed away before 50 years. But then, during the sequence of Tsunami, she sees a Dalit youngster Poovagam lying dead and assumes that is her son. Immediately rushing to the spot, she lays him on her laps and starts weeping saying that it is her son. When her community members try to get her away from that spot saying that the dead person is a Dalit, she starts scolding him.

Wow! This scene was really stunning and makes our eyes filled with tears. A Brahmin believing her son is a Dalit is really astounding and that is a sign of good communal harmony.

Hats off to Kamal Haasan, who hasn’t tried to showcase his skills as an actor performing 10 different roles, but has achieved excellence in rendering good message for the audiences.

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