Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Put Chutney’ adds another feather in the cap With the launch of an innovative format titled ‘Chutney Chat’

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South India’s favourite digital channel ‘Put Chutney’ has recently launched a new LIVE format titled ‘Chutney Chat’ to entertain and engage with their loyal fan base. Today the digital channel will be launching the third video with a very special guest, an established actor and entertaining host- Jagan Ayan.

In South India, tea stalls are considered to be of utmost significance amongst the populace. This is where men and women get together to discuss everything under the sun. Serving as a communal hub, people at tea stalls are seen conversing on multiple topics ranging from weather forecast to politics to movies to sports.

Set in an idyllic tea shop in the heart of Chennai is Chutney Chat Live – hosted by Rajmohan, co-hosted by Aswin Rao & Venkatesh Harinathan and a cameo gig by Sofia Ashraf & her band. This group sets an amusing tone for an evening full of fun and entertainment.

Chutney Chat Live intends to feature one celebrity per show, with the show going live once every week – on Thursdays between 8.30 & 9PM on the Put Chutney YouTube Page. Unlike your run-of-the-mill celeb interviews, the cast of Put Chutney and the celebrity will have a healthy discussion on what is close to their heart, their trade and anything that is of interest to the guest. A good 15 minute segment will be dedicated to the celebrity answering questions from viewers LIVE. To keep things within the eco-system of a tea stall, the comments are read out live by a radio (that is the centre piece of any tea stall) voiced by Rajiv Rajaram. The idea behind such celebrity interactions is to let the guest let loose and have an informal chat, thus showing another side – a more relatable side of themselves to their fans, thus endearing them to their favourite audience.

About the Guest:

Jagan Purushothaman (Jagan Ayan) is an Indian film actor who has appeared in supporting roles in Tamil films. His breakthrough was with K. V. Anand’s Ayan, where he played a small-time smuggler Chitti Babu, and the role won him critical acclaim. He is also a prominent TV and stage show host. He also hosts the game show “Connexion” in Vijay TV. He has acted in 34 films.

About Put Chutney:

Put Chutney is Culture Machine’s reputable Anna from the South who entertains an audience that’s hungry for regional humour. Put Chutney has successfully tapped the southern regional audience by building a community of whacky, curious, witty, goofy and like-minded thinkers who find solace in their idli-chutney and mustachy machhas.

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