Crimson House of Style Press Release

Press Release
Crimson House of Style

‘MESMERISING’ is an understatement. It was an evening that will be long remembered, for more than one reason. Everyone who attended the event went back home with a lot of pride and joy on being part of a memorable and a trend setting event. YES, we are talking about the CRIMSON fashion and entertainment show held in Park Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Chennai on 11.10.2012, in association with PHOTON KATHAAS.

Mrs.Geetha Solaraj, founder and the head of CRIMSOM, played the perfect host, receiving each and every one amidst her hectic backstage work.VJ Paloma hosted the event.Mrs.Geetha Solaraj also made sure the other architects and pillars of the event Mr.Gautham Vasudev Menon, Mrs.Reshma and Mr.Venkat came onto the stage to address the crowd.

The highlight of the evening was not just gorgeous models setting the ramp on fire; it was the collaboration of heavenly music with it. Singer Karthik’s live performance with his band left everyone speechless. He was a live wire, keeping the crowd cheerful and energetic throughout.Karthik once again proved the world that he is very special !!!!

The event was as captivating and beautiful as Gautham’s movies. Only a man of Gautham’s brilliance and creativity can come up with such a concept of fusing an elite fashion show with a scintillating live band performance. Unmatchable trend setter indeed !!!! One moment which no can forget is when he sang ‘ANJALE’ with Karthik, for which the crowd went crazy.

Towards the end of the event there was a fast growing curiosity about who could be the show stopper of the evening. To everyone’s surprise ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ girl Sameera Reddy walked down the ramp wearing an absolutely stunning white gown, accompanied by none other than Mrs.Geetha Solaraj herself, amidst huge cheer from the crowd. Fitting end to a bench mark event which was widely attended by celebrities from the field of Cinema, fashion industry and many other socialites.

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