Complaints of a glamorous girl

“I may be appearing in glamorous roles and that has got nothing to do with my real life” said frustrated Mumaith Khan. The reason beneath it is something of cliché. Actresses donning glamorous roles with lots of skin shows are always linked up with the rumors. Mumaith Khan made high waves with her appealing looks in flicks ‘Udambu Eppadi Irukku’, Telugu movie ‘Maisamma IPS’ and ‘Pokkiri’.

With her hopes dashed down, Mumaith Khan uttered that she is a woman who respects the values of culture and tradition of an Indian Woman and follows it. Also added that few journals are interested in penning stories spoiling actresses’ images and that is not the right deed. Mumaith said so, because she read in one of the articles that she isn’t brimming up with skin shows just on the screen, but in real life too…