Comedy safe genre for debutant directors: Krishnan Jayaraj


Comedy is a safe bet for first time directors as market acceptability for this genre is very high, feels debutant director Krishnan Jayaraj, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming Tamil romantic comedy “Sonna Puriyadhu”.

“Comedy is one genre which is accepted in the market irrespective of the cast. Most recent Tamil hits such as ‘Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom’ and ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya’ had relatively new cast and they were also made by debutant directors,” Jayaraj said.

“To make a film in other genres such as action or thriller one needs a star actor. As debutants it is extremely difficult to even have access to most of these actors, and therefore, most new directors settle with comedy to earn some reputation to graduate to next level,” he added.

“Sonna Puriyadhu” features Shiva and Vasundhara Kashyap in the lead. The film revolves around a young man, played by Shiva, who is against marriage, but his friends want him to try it. He keeps avoiding it. Whether he finally succumbs or not, is the story.

It also features Manobala, Gangai Amaran, Blade Shankar, Vathsala Rajagopal, Aarti and Sam Anderson. It will release soon.

Asked what made him cast Shiva in the lead role, Jayaraj said: “Since I’ve worked with him in ‘Tamizh Padam’ as assistant director, I always had access to him. I could meet him whenever I wanted and more importantly he has had a series of hits.”

Shiva plays a dubbing artist in the film and the spoof posters used for the promotion were actually used in reference with his character.

“There were rumours that this film is more or less based on spoof comedy, but it is not. Those film spoof posters used in promotion were to promote the character Shiva essays in the film of that of a dubbing artist who dubs English films into Tamil,” said the director.

Jayaraj wants do another comedy before going ahead with other genres.

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