‘Comedy films – a toughest task’

There are two genres that hardly take your senses to high and low tide now and then. It isn’t easy to deliver them as they have a great job to engross the audiences from first-till-last-moment of the show. Incisively, it’s horror and comedy genres.

Says filmmaker Madhumitha: ‘I have been getting through certain reviews that women filmmakers are meant to make comedy films. It’s not true, as everyone have their own ideas. But I’ll have to make it clear that making a comedy film could be a speculative task an auteur can bargain for….’

Followed by her debut ‘Vallamai Tharayo’, Madhumitha is curiously awaiting the release of her other film ‘Kola Kolaya Mundhrika’. This film is based on a treasure hunt undertaken by various groups including sarcastic baddies and Jayaram does a prominent role.