Comeback of ‘Kadhal Kottai’ director

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Director Agathiyan was once acclaimed for his finest romantic entertainers including Ajith Kumar’s ‘Kadhal Kottai’. But all of sudden, the filmmaker got away from the spotlights and later made his comeback with a directorial in film with Vikranth and Bharathi in lead roles. Nonetheless, the director happened to face the same results of failure.

He is now making his onscreen appearance for the first time in a film titled ‘Avargalum Ivargalum’. The film has complete newcomers in lead role and is produced by Lakshika Films. Short fiction writer Veerapandian makes his debut directorial with this movie and he happens to be a protégé of director Agathiyan as well. As a token of respect for his mentor, Veerapandian has offered Agathiyan to perform a good role in this movie. Satish of Azhagi fame and Vimal Natarajan perform lead role while Subraja and Aishwarya star opposite them in female lead roles. Charlie, Manickavinayagam, G M Kumar, folk singer Chinna Ponnu and director Agathiyan are performing prominent roles in this movie.

The film is about two youngsters and their dreams of spinning more money by flying down to abroad. But on the spur of moment, unexpected twists change their course of life.

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