Cinematographer Lakshman’s mini interview

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Lakshman who handled the camera in the film Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu in a mini interview said:

Tell us about yourself?

I had a lot of fascination for photography. So I did a course in photography in Ambitions Four. After this I worked under Rathinavelu. I did my diploma in cinematography in Rajeev Menon’s Institute. I am a cricket player and I have also played for Tamil Nadu State team. Because of my passion for cinema I quit my engineering job.

How was your experience in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu?

For the first time I saw the village because of director Susindhran. We scouted for locations by traveling in the bike. To give an authentic look I carried the camera in my shoulders. Director and producer gave ne the freedom.

Will you develop a special style for yourself?

I will not develop a special style for myself. I will always journey with the director. I will not exceed the story like Rathinavelu sir. My cinematography will have the shades of Rathinavelu because he is my mentor.

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