Chinna Thalapathy Bharath feeling high ?

Director Perarasu provided him the right break rendering Pazhani. Bharath was right there uttering punch dialogues, flexing muscles and romancing the heroine running around the trees. The good opening for Pazhani is followed by Nepali featuring him triple roles. He plays a vigilante and a serial killer, who fights for a cause. Frankly it was the toughest job for Bharath. He had to change get-ups. To look like a Nepali, he had raised his eye-brows, and does make-up for over couple of hours. All the pains are gone now for the film has been received well by the masses. It was an experimental film.

Bharath’s forthcoming Muniyandi Vilangiyal Munram Aandu directed by Thirumurugan will be released in the next couple of months. It is followed by Sevval to be directed by director Hari. Bharath have agreed to do a movie for Perarasu again and it is titled Tiruttani. Plans are on to work in a movie titled Arumugam to be directed by Suresh Krissna this year-end. Bharath is also now happy that his fans affectionately call him as Chinna Thalapathy.