China Consulate refuses visa for Jeeva

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KO is the film to be directed by K V Anand. Simbhu was supposed to do the lead role. Since he walked out of the film, Jeeva was signed to do the lead role. Radha’s daughter Karthika will be pairing with Jeeva. Most of the scenes in this film were to be shot in China. Hence they had got the permission to shoot the film from the Chinese Government.

Jeeva had applied for visa to the Deputy Consulate of China in Chennai. But he was denied visa. Even when Jeeva applied for visa for the second time, he was denied once again. The whole crew is shocked about this. They are wondering what to in this situation. When asked Jeeva about this, he refused to comment.

We think Simbhu should’ve cursed K.V. Anand and his co.

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