Cheran’s disappointment with ‘Pokkisham’ box office results

Filmmaker-turned-actor Cheran has been involved in making films based on ‘periods’ with the duration of more than 3 hours. Well, ‘Pokkisham’ released on Aug 14 has witnessed bad results at box office. Possibly, the film is sure to gain appreciations at film awards. But Cheran is disappointed with box office results. Indeed, he doesn’t accept his failure and comes up with convincing statements of justifying his flaws.

When asked about his intention of making films with longer duration, he said, “Nothing can be well-depicted shortly within few minutes. ‘Thavamai Thavamirundhu’ dealt about father-son relationship and it isn’t an easy deal of portraying it merely within 2 hours.”

But what to do Cheran, audiences must accept it, right? Anyways, better luck next time.

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