Cheran threatens to kill his friends

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It’s a well known fact that director Cheran has been always overemotional, hyperactive and what else? The short-tempered, loose talker and it keeps going on and on.

But this morning, he came up with inspiringly shocking news about brutally murdering his friends.

It all happened during the audio launch of Jeeva’s ‘Katcheri Arambam’ where Cheran delivered this speech on the illegal VCD/DVD vendors.

Said Cheran: ‘I am very much annoyed with these people, who’ve been selling the illegal home videos of Sarath Kumar starrer ‘Jaggubhai’ and if I get to catch those **** I will kill them on the place….’

If at all you think, what the headline is all about? We have an answer. Those vendors aren’t none other than the sort of similar persons from whom Cheran buys large number of pirated home videos of foreign films for a cheaper rate.

If you guys have time, just take a walk across the lanes of Burma Bazaar after 9 P.M. and you can witness the place being a hub for various filmmakers of Kollywood.

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