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Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru Press Release


Press Note
Lakshman Sruthi Musicals & VIJAY TV
It is true, even the five elements the Earth, water, air, fire, space are tend to dance to the tune of divine music. Yes…isai kaettaal puvi asainthaadum, no doubt!. Music is the common language all over the world, irrespective of boundaries, religion, caste and creed. In nature, god creates separate seasons for everything… blowing wind, rain, blossoms, fruits, crops… in the same way it is the month of Margazhi is for music.
Margazhi…a very special month in so many aspects and its divine connections are numerous and pretty obvious.
* Lord Krishna says – (Gita, 10/35) “Among the hymns also (I am) the Brhat-Samna; among the mantras I am Gayatri; among months, I am Margasirsa; and among seasons, I am the flower bearer (spring).
* Thiruvaadira festival for Siva, also observed as the Aarudra Darshan.
* Throughout the month, temples in Tamil Nadu resound with Aandal’s Thiruppaavai.
* Maanikkavaasagar’s Tiruvempavai discourses also marks the significance of Margazhi.
* Vaikunta Ekadasi, the day of symbolic opening of the doors of heaven to devotee.
* On all mornings of the entire month, the customary kolams in front of houses will also sport a flower (placed in a ball of cowdung) at the centre, and spreads the feeling of festivity in every nook and corner of Tamilnadu.
In this list ‘Thygaraja Aarathana’ holds a very special place for Carnatic music lovers. Thyagaraja Brahmam was one of the greatest composers of Carnatic music. He, along with his contemporaries Muthuswami Dikshitar and Shyama Shastry, forms the Trinity of Carnatic music. He was a prolific composer and highly influential in the development of the South Indian classical music tradition. Tyagaraja composed hundreds of devotional compositions, most of them in praise of Lord Rama. Five of his compositions called the Pancharatna Krithis, which are often sung in programs in his honour.
The famous lines in telugu which goes like “Entaro mahanupavulu antariki vantanamu” are by this great musical maestro. Shri. Thygarajar has created many keerthanas, laksana karttakkals and many other compositions in the true traditions of carnatic music.
One of the highly treasured creations of Shri. Thygarajar is the Pancha Rathna Keerthans. Naatai, kavulai, arapi, varali and Sri were the five ragas that was used to praise Lord Sri Rama by Shri.Tthyagaraja brahmam. These five ragas are still sung by al the carnatic singers and musicians all over the world.
Music Instrumentalists of Harmoniyam , Veena, Thavil, Ganjira, Percussion, Mukarcin , Tabla, Flute,sitar, saranki , sarot , jalatarankam , santur , violin , Montel’s , saxophone , keyboardist and other multi-instrumentalist have played these five keerthana of southern India and later by the western and northern musicians and instrumentalists.
His Pancha Rathna Keerthans has gone beyond boundaries of Religion, language, country and also made all the musicians to feel proud for their association with this divine art. This remarkable keerthans are sung at the ‘Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival’ every year in Thiruvaiyaru. Everyone will melt and even a stone would melt hearing this delightful Kritis.
Music can also lead the way to god. It’s fortune to listen the heavenly Pancha Rathna Keerthans by Shri. Thygarajar. Tyagaraja Aradhana, the commemorative music festival is held every year at Thiruvaiyaru in Tyagaraja’s honour. This is a week-long festival of heavenly music where various Carnatic musicians from all over the world converge at his resting place. On the Pushya Bahula Panchami, thousands of people and hundreds of Carnatic musicians sing the five Pancharatna Kritis in unison, with the accompaniment of a large bank of accompanists on violins, flutes, nagasvarams, mridangams and ghatams and drown themselves in divine bliss on that Day.
It may not be possible for all of us to go to Thiruvaiyaru and witness the music ensemble.
This very thought gave birth to the idea of holding a virtual Thiruvaiyaru festival here in Chennai itself by M/s. Lakshman Sruthi Musicals and that have came out as an innovative event successful for 8 long years .With the blessing of the Music Trinity, we wish to hold ‘Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru’ for the 9th Year in succession to the great happiness of musicians and rasikas alike. This event provides a forum for established musicians and young talent to exhibit their musical talents.

Admission to the inaugural session is FREE for all and all are welcome!
‘Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru’ will be part of the Music Festival to be held in Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai from 18th to 25th of December, 2013. On the Inaugural Day – 18th December at 4.00 pm the program will be inaugurated by Padmashri Dr. Kamal Hassan and followed by the rendering of Pancha Ratna Kritis which will be presided by the renowned musician Padmabhushan P.S. Narayanaswamy, with all musicians and music enthusiasts will sing Pancha Ratna Kritis.
The stage will be the replica of the Thyagaraja Aradhanai Mandapam at Thiruvaiyaru. It can accommodate about 300 artistes. Besides, arrangements have been made to distribute printed version of Pancha Ratna Kritis (sponsored by Dinamalar Tamil Daily) to the audience, who too can join in the rendering on the inaugural day, followed by a special Kathak performance by Pandit Shri.Birju Maharaj. Vocal performance by Ms.Nithyasri Mahadevan’s will be the final event for the day.
This 8 day Music Festival will commence at 7:00 a.m. and end at 10:00 p.m. on each day.
The tickets to this grand Music Festival will be designed and printed to pay tribute to the participating Musicians and will carry information about the musicians and the accompanying artistes. In every program a senior Carnatic Musician will honour the artistes. Besides tickets for individual events, Season Tickets for all the 8 days will also be available.
Concessional rates will be offered for Season Tickets, bulk buyers, corporate buyers, service organizations, educational institutions and recreational clubs. Tickets will be sold through various outlets in Chennai.
An exhibition of music also arranged at the venue. The stalls will have audio/video CDs, DVDs and Books on various genres of music. We have made extensive Light & Sound arrangements, big screens on either side of the auditorium. Our volunteers will guide the audience to locate their respective seats and look after any other assistance needed by them.
Advertisement campaign is placed in all leading Press, TV, Radio and Websites. We look forward that, music lovers from all over the world will come and enjoy this Festival in a big way.For those who have no chance to see Thiruvaiyaru‘s Shri.Thyagaraja brahmam Musical festival this ‘Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru’ will not only be a visual treat but also a divine shower of musical blessings .
Also to help our efforts, do upload Chennaiyil thiruvaiyaru’s promotional logo banner and schedule of Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru in your websites, blogs, personal mailings and status messages on social media network accounts among your music loving friends well wishers and business coordinators to make this event a grand success !

Come with family and friends and be a part of this December musical magic!

Tickets are available for 4.45 pm and 7.30 pm shows

For online tickets:

For online tickets: , , ,, , and
Tickets will also be available at the following outlets:
• Lakshmansruthi Musicals – 100ft Road, Vadapalani, Chennai
• M6 events, CIT Nagar, Nandhi Statue, T. Nagar
• Kamarajar Arangam, Teynampet, Chennai
• Naidu Hall Annanagar -T. Nagar –Velachery –Tambram

For more details:

Lakshman Sruthi Musicals Pvt Ltd,
044-44412345, 9941922322, 9941907711
Email: [email protected]
No#72, 2nd avenue,
100 Feet Road, Ashoknagar
Chennai – 600083

Programme Schelude for Season 9 of Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru
Lakshmansruthi’s Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru – Season 9

Programme Schedule 2013
18.12.2013 Wednesday
Padmashri Dr. Kamal Hassan will inaugurate the festival by lighting the kuththuvilakku
11.45 AM S.R.G.S.Mohandass Nadhaswaram
4.00 PM P.S. Narayanaswamy Pancha Ratna Krithis
5.30 PM Birju Maharaj Kathak
7.30 PM Nithyasree Mahadevan Vocal
19.12.2013 Thursday
7.00 AM Udayalur Kalyanaraman Nama Sankeerthanam
9.00 AM Mahalakshmi Bharathanatiyam
10.30 AM Guitar Prasanna Guitar
1.00 PM Madhu Iyer & Ragini Sri Vocal
2.45 PM Haricharan Vocal
4.45 PM Priya Sisters Vocal
7.30 PM Rajesh Vaidhya & stephen Devassy Veena & keyboard
20.12.2013 Friday
7.00 AM Mangaiyarkarasi Devotional Discourse
9.00 AM Kavyalakshmi Bharathanatiyam
10.30 AM Amirtham By K.V.Prasad & Leon James Team Classical Jugal Bandhi
1.00 PM Sriranjani Santhanagopalan Vocal
2.45 PM Charulatha Mani Vocal
4.45 PM Ranjani Gayathri Vocal
7.30 PM Malladi Brothers & Gundecha Brothers Vocal
21.12.2013 Saturday
7.00 AM Kovai S.Jayaraman Nama Sankeerthanam
9.00 AM Shanthi Suresh Vocal
10.30 AM Sikkil S.Gurucharan Vocal
1.00 PM Vithisha Bharathanatiyam
2.45 PM Nirmala Rajasekar & Gaurav Mazumdar Veena & Sitar
4.45 PM O.S.Arun Vocal
7.30 PM Nishat khan & Shashank Sitar & Flute
22.12.2013 Sunday
7.00 AM Dhamal Ramakrishnan Upanyasam
9.00 AM Sudha & Sharon Chelsea Bharathanatiyam
10.30 AM Mahanadhi Dr.Shobhana Vignesh Vocal
1.00 PM Meenakshi Ragavan Bharathanatiyam
2.45 PM Krishnakumari Narendran Bharathanatiyam
4.45 PM P.Unnikrishnan Vocal
7.30 PM Vijay Prakash Vocal
23.12.2013 Monday
7.00 AM Anantha Padamanabhachariar Upanyasam
9.00 AM Saashwathi Prabhu Vocal
10.30 AM Gayathri Venkatragavan Vocal
1.00 PM Saindhavi Vocal
2.45 PM Nisha Rajagopal Vocal
4.45 PM Ashwini Bhide Vocal
7.30 PM Kadri Gopalnath Saxaphone
24.12.2013 Tuesday
7.00 AM Cuddalore Gopi Nama Sankeerthanam
9.00 AM N.Pradiksha Dharshini Bharathanatiyam
10.30 AM Churcill Pandian’s Colours Of India Dance
1.00 PM Swarnamalya’s Ranga Mandira School of Performing Arts Bharathanatiyam
2.45 PM Carnatica Brothers & Jyostna Vocal
4.45 PM S. Sowmya Vocal
7.30 PM Sudha Raghunathan Vocal
25.12.2013 Wednesday
7.00 AM Tukkaram Ganapathi Nama sankeerthanam
9.00 AM Subhadhra Marimuthu Bharathanatiyam
10.30 AM Mahathi Vocal
1.00 PM Dr.Ganesh Vocal
2.45 PM Shoba Chandrasekar Vocal
4.45 PM Parveen Sultana Vocal
7.30 PM Shobana Bharathanatiyam

The Organizers
Lakshman Sruthi
Over the past twenty six years, over 8,000 concerts held around the world and 36 hours of non-stop music show, thus endearing themselves to the Tamils all over the world. Lakshman Sruthi Musicals, the music super market promoted by them, sells musical instruments, music cassettes, CDs, DVDs, books on music, music related gift items etc. They also run a rehearsal studio, a music school, a service center for musical instruments. They also rent out music instruments for movie recordings and film shootings. Devotees of all kinds of music, visit our firm regularly for all their requirements.
Music Rehearsal Hall:
• Music Rehearsal Hall
• Music (Music School)
• Musical instruments repairs Centre (Musical instruments service)
• Purpose of musical groups , musical Rent Movie sector filming Division (Rental Division) , which has been operating
From the famous classical ,film ,country music and folk music from all the musicians , singers, instrumentalists, fans and the general public often come and use our rehearsal hall with good standards hence used for recording and rehearsal purpose .
Lakshman Shruti, on every year comes up with new initiatives ,new promotion l activities on captivating the ragigas in all its programmes. For the ninth year Chennaiyil Thuvaiyaru has been successfully conducted with the full suppor of ragigas, supports, sponsors
Likewise , the tremendous support from journalists of all media supports us on preserving the tradition of classical music of our own land and place it equal with world music. All musical shows are done with all uniqueness of our music at all the programme.This year’s edition features the first time in the history or carnatic music, LED Visual Surround with state of the art Light & Sound arrangements and this event is managed by M6 Events.
Our esteemed sponsors

Our Esteemed Main sponsor:
Arun Excello

Powered by:
Dheepam Oil

Co Presented by:
Arokya Milk
Giri Trading
Our Media Sponsors:
• Dinamalar
• Anantha Vikatan
• The Hindu
• Chola MS
• CUB – City Union bank
• Bharath University
• VIP housing

Associates Sponsors:
• Andhra Bank
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• Bank Of Baroda
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• The Chennai Homes

Official Sponsors:
• SBLT- Sri Baghyalakshmi Tours & Travels
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• Punjab National Bank
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• Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM
• TVS – Jupiter
• Arasu Jewelers

Knowledge Partners:
• Super Brain

Event Management:
M6 Events

Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru ‘s Food Festival

Main Sponsor:
Sakthi Masala

Powered by:
Arul Appalam
Co Presented by:
Hatsun Cow Ghee
Co Sponsors:
Vikekananda Coffee
Official Sponsors:
Nandhiniee sweets

Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru Food Festival – 2013

This music season gets bigger and better with Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru getting into its 9th season! Adding to the beat is Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru Food Festival which is the largest parade of delicious multi –cuisines delights.

The food fest is a 8 day Food extravaganza with the counters opening at 7.00 am going all thoroug the day till 10.30p.m

With close to 50 stalls to be displayed & an exclusive car park available, the visitors coming in will be around a lakh.

The highlight of the grand fest would be the top brass chefs of the city coming in person to show their extraordinary culinary skills and provide a great platform to the audience to learn and also to taste the magical food made by the renowned chefs!

The rasigas can also sleeve up and participate in the contest that runs every day to show their culinary skills and also win exciting prizes.

The Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru team had also signed up with Skill angles Super Brains™ , an IIT Madras’ RTBI incubated company for exclusive children entertainment with computer based Brain Games.

Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru is a complete treat for your family.

• Food stalls from food groups, hotel and will be participating in the grand food festival
• 50 and more private sales platform on various field in arts and food industry.
• Food product-related books , DVDs and CDs are also available in this mega musical festival
• Lectures, discussion session on hygiene and food control will also be a part of this festival.
• Children’s entertainment features, vegetable / ice sculptures are available.
• More than one million visitors are expected to visit this music festival.

Not only food stalls and even more:
Experts chiefs present us1 the finest of cuisine , share their cooking experiences on stage , and also a platform to showcase audience talents at the contests are organized in the Food Festival. In each competition prizes will be given to the participating audiences. Not only mesmersing music but also salivating food is given in abundance to all the visiting rasigas to the Food Festival. Delicious food for your stomach and captivating music for your ears are awaiting for you.
First of respect for the senior citizens:
For the first time this year of Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru , senior citizens from Old Age home and orphan homes and in the city and from the suburbs of Chennai we have planned to inviten 500 inmates of old age homes for the 7.00 am show on all days from 19th to 25th December. These senior citizens could enjoy the divine programs like Nama Sangeerthnam, Upanyasam and Devotional discourses and have a great unforgettable outing of their life. To enable this, we have planned for elaborate arrangements which includes free transportation, breakfast, coffee & tea. A gift pack will also be presented to them with religious books like Bagavathgeetha, some essential drugs, soap, comb, mirror, towel, note, pen, first aid kit etc., All these books, gift pack and transportation will be sponsored by other respected personalities in the city.This is purely a unique and good initiative taken by Lakshman Sruthi’s team for a social cause.

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