Chennai Fashion Week – a Comedy Piece

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Was it a fashion week or something else? Don’t our costume designers know what a real fashion is? Well, there were some of real fashion icons who carried away the show with their exuberant looks, but then there were some aunties and uncles trying to prove that they are still young.

Oops! How come yesteryear actress Kushboo walked on the ramp? She’s so bulky and had no reasons to claim her as a fashion icon. It looked as awkward as she passed on the dais.

No need to comment on Namitha. As you all know, she usually wears dresses 10inches below the neck till the thighs. She is a mammoth for various reasons and she was completely obnoxious in this event.

Thamannah was spotted like a ‘Sikku Vandha Kozhi’ (ill-fated hen) with ludicrous costume like nomads.

It was Genelia D’Souza turning the spotlights on her with the beautiful looks and costumes. Naren and Arjun carried the charisma, while Prasanna had no differences to distinguish himself from a balloon vendor at Marina Beach.

We feel very sorry for Nila, who forgot to wear her pants on a hurry.

Actress Rahasya seems to have purchased tons and tons of facial creams and powders.

Ah! Finally, actress Kasthoori… If she wants to promote herself, she can kindly approach the filmmakers’ office, but why wear a skimpy dress – which remembers of the famous dialogue by Parthiban in ‘Vetri Kodi Kattu’ – ‘Idhu Enna Chingucha Chinguchaanu… Indha Dressa Paathu Naal Maadu Setthu Poachu’….

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