Chennai Box Office Analysis

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Films Released on June 26: Nadodigal, Vaalmiki, New York, Terminator Salvation

Audiences’ Ratings:

Nadodigal – 4/5

Vaalmiki – 2.5/5

New York – 4/5

Terminator Salvation – 1.5/5

Well, it’s been an unpredictable weekend as the unexpected movies made a great show in theatres. Although, ‘Nadodigal’ good expectations, the film has exceeded the limits with fantastic results. Indeed, the film has turned to be successful in other regional box offices including Karnataka and Kerala. Sasi Kumar joins the list of mainstream actors.

Vaalmiki had no big anticipation and has witnessed average results as there are no big star casts and it’s the debut of ‘Ananda Narayanan’. The film fails to gratify the interests.

‘New York’ directed by Kabir Khan Makes it big than expected. A Fantastic film based on the concept of post 9/11 trauma attack. The film centers on the lives of three best friends (John Abraham, Katrina Kaif and Neil Nithin Mukesh) in New York whose lives are turned upside with the serious 9/11 attack.

Terminator Salvation directed by McG fails terribly to impress the audiences and better avoid this show.

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