Changing lines of Vanakamma

Films make controversies might be once it hits the screens or after the trailer release. But here comes a movie Vanakamma that made whole lot of controversies on the first day of movie launch itself. According to the sources, the pictures of invitation had the actors posed as Lord Rama, Krishna and Hanuman. So the Hindu groups got enraged and torn the posters glued to the walls of AVM Studio where the Pooja was held.

Hari Ram, director of the movie said that the film centers on two youngster out of juvenile who don’t know to lead their daily lives in Chennai. They get themselves dressed up as Rama and Hanuman and go from each house to house for begging. But on their whole, their intention is glimpse through properties in the house and loots them. Though there is nothing to do with controversy here, Director Hari Ram has changed the lines of characterization. Saravanan and Vishnu Priyan don the role of these thugs and instead of God, their character is shifted to Boom Boom Maadu (Using Cow for begging)…

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