Changing Genres of Tamil Cinema

Well. Westernizations aren’t just bounded with fashion and lifestyles, but it has fervently haunted in tinsel town. Especially, in Kollywood, things have started changing rapidly with themes. The heroes and directors who were successful with Masala movies hopped for different genres. Of course, even the audiences who were more bored with commercial movies have been welcoming the new trendsetting flicks.

Actor Vijay, who vividly believed in success of remake films, came up with a sudden surprise for all his fans. His previous venture ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’ was a spine chilling thriller that made each and every fan of his to get moved to their edge of their seats. Vijay was completely different and it was something different to see him without punch dialogues and heroism glued acts.

Director Bharathan seems to have grabbed the themes from Hollywood flicks like Sandara Bullock’s Premonitions, Final Destination and Tom Cruise starrer Minority Report. Though, ATM wasn’t doing well in box-office, it was a good shooter for the changing genres in Tamil film industry.

Fine! Then came Billa 2007 with the appealing stylish icon Ajith Kumar in lead role. In no way, Director Vishnuvardhan had a trace of original version in his presentation. The duration was reduced and it gave a feel again of watching Al Pacino starrer Recruit, especially with the final scenes. One of the most exciting features in this movie that Vishnuvardhan never brought down a clumsy image of Nayanthara when she walked down in the frame with Bikinis. Instead of glamorous approach, it looked stylish and rocking and I am sure, you’re gonna agree with this.

Let’s start off with 2008, the films made with usual masala stuffs were a great flop and best illustrations would be Bheema and Kaalai. They weren’t aware of the fact that audiences were quite tired of beating the same bush with a puny guy pouncing on 30 men at a time. Hah! This was supposed to happen a long time back.

None of the Pongal releases were a good treat for the masses. Siddique’s Saadhu Miranda was an overture of new genre of thriller. The film makes you laugh and enjoy, right from the beginning till the end and at the same time, you will stick to your seats with nail-baiting aspects of thriller and suspense.

Anjathey has refined the genres of a drama-thriller and Hats off to Mysskin for he makes you feel occupied for a flick of 180mins. He has gamed his intelligence using innovative camera angles and he can be termed as ‘pure adorer of world cinema’.

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