Censor Board officials grand ‘U/A’ for Naan Kadavul

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For past two days, Director Bala is fleeting across seventh heaven to ninth cloud. Yeah! There are couple of reasons; Audio getting launched with such grandeur and obtaining ‘U/A’ from film’s censor board. Usually, while censoring the film it’s not just the film gets cut with inappropriate content, but they would be recommended for National Awards too.

So, Bala is now elated as the film has been recommended for National Awards and officials who saw the film appreciated Bala. Also, they were really enthralled watching the performance of both Arya and Pooja.

There are nothing such big censors in the film while certain dialogues have been muted and certified as ‘U/A’.

Pyramid Saimira that hasn’t been witnessing good times during last year are rejoicing now with more anticipation about releasing ‘Naan Kadavul’.