CBFC officer denies Ameer’s allegations as publicity stunt


CBFC officer Amirtharajan denies all the allegations made by director Ameer. Amritharajan filed a case against director Ameer and also concluded Ameer’s allegations as publicity stunt for his movie Aadhi Bhagawan.

Director Ameer was very much disappointed as CBFC issued ‘A’ certificate for his movie Aadhi Bhagawan. Ameer said that CBFC members demanded money for issuing ‘U/A’ for his film. Ameer says, “They demand money to grant ‘U’ or ‘U/A’ certificate for movies. If one refuses to pay them, they immediately grant an ‘A’ certificate. They are functioning like a mafia group.”

CBFC officer Amritharajan filed a complaint on this issue and replied, “The members on the board are all reputed individuals from various fields in the society. Calling us mafia, a derogatory term that is used for anti-social elements, is nothing short of defamation.”

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