Can Vijay be MGR just with titles?

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It’s really disgusting to see that young actors are using the titles of Superstars of Tamil Cinema’s flicks to get more popularity. According to all the sources, Dhanush has bought the title rights of almost all the films of Superstar Rajnikanth. Precisely, Vijay has gone a step ahead in stapling his films with MGR Films’ titles.

Although his ‘Villu’ was just the name, the title song had the ‘Nanmai Undu’ of MGR’s yesteryear film. Now his forthcoming film directed by Babu Sivan has been named as ‘Vettaikaaran’ and his 50th film as ‘Urimai Kural’.

Oops! What these young buddies think they’re actually doing? Will they inherit superstars’ popularities just with titles…

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