Body fitness leads to nightmares for heroines

It all began when Shah Rukh Khan showcased his 6 packs for Om Shanthi Om and then Kollywood actors started working on it. Surya was the first one to develop 6 packs for Ayan and now Vishal in on the same line. Almost all the actors in Tamil Cinema of both seniors and youngsters including Sarath Kumar and Pattallam’s hero Guru who is just 23 years old. Well, actresses have also started working on it and Nayanthara is the first one to do it with fit and well shaped body. Nayan has been working more hard to get her body fit and Doctors have shocking news about it.

They have stated women are not supposed to strain more in building their shapes, since that leads to a big trouble in uterus and of course may lead to impotency. This hasn’t just frightened Nayanthara, but also actresses who are straining more on body exercises.

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