Billu Barber is only ‘Billu’ now

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As it happened in Tamil Nadu, when Barbers protested against the fact that ‘Kuselan’ will have some of the factors that will degrade Hairdressers, here goes the similar scenario too… With the remake version ‘Billu Barber’ starring Irrfan, Shah Rukh in lead role hitting screens day after tomorrow, the title has been changed as ‘Billu’ now. Hair Dressers Association of Mumbai had met Shah Rukh and stated him that Barber is a specific caste name and one shouldn’t get degraded with this title.

Realizing this, Shah Rukh had said, ‘I never knew that it was a cast name and so just deleted the word from title’. The film is now rechristened as ‘Billu’. The film is produced by Shah Rukh Khan himself under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment. According to the sources, it has been heard that Shah Rukh would be playing extended cameo role unlike Mammooty in original version of ‘Katha Parayum Pol’…

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