Big FM announces winners of ‘BIG SINGARA SINGER’

Pioneering with its very uniqueness, BIG 92.7 FM has heralded its winners of BIG SINGARA SINGER. Well, it was a gala celebration for the winners at the station on the World Music Day. Young cool music director Vijay Antony delighted in announcing the winners of this talent show on air. Ms. Daphne Kumaraswamy and Mr. R. Srinivasan were selected as the best singers by Vijay Antony and playback singers Sangeetha and Mahathi. It’s not just a moment of triumph, but of course turning point in their career.

These youngsters will now render their voices for Vijay Antony’s forthcoming musical score for the film Taxi No. 4777. The young singers had to pass through the crucial rounds for a period of one week where they were tested on various musical grounds of classical, melodies, fast beat folk songs and western tunes. It was not just a decisive word of Vijay Antony in determining the winners for a SMS poll was conducted where zillions of Chennai people voted for their favorite ones…

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