Bhojpuri beacons Trisha

Trisha who had acted in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films has now getting offers to act in Bhojpuri films. After Bollywood and South Indian films, large numbers of films are being produced in Bhojpuri languages. Most of the South Indian actresses have acted in Bhojpuri films. South Indian leading actresses like Nagma and Ramba have also acted in Bhojpuri films. Now Trisha is also likely to join this band wagon.

Recently Trisha has decided to act in other language films apart from Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. So she is pairing with Darshan in a Kannada film. Now she has got an offer for Bhojpuri film. But Trisha for time being has said No to this offer. The reason for this is that only actresses who are field out in South Indian languages will act in Bhojpuri films. Trisha said, “ If I go there, people will also include be in the field out list. But I will act in the other language films if the story is good.”

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