Bharathiraja starts his rally of political propaganda

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Looks like Director Bharathiraja and team of filmmakers aren’t flexible about backing off. They want to get something about ‘Eelam issues’ about the genocide of innocent souls. Bharathiraja who had persistently hosted strikes has started his journey out for publicizing political propaganda. Along with him would be joining filmmakers RK Selvamani, R Sundarajan, Cheran, Seeman, Selva Bharathy, Mahesh Kumar, Saravana Subbaiah, Actors Manivannan, Vadivelu, Lyricists Arivumathi, Sneghan and many others…. The rally that starts today (May 4) at Kanchivaram will have these celebrities going streets to lanes and preaching people to vote the right political parties that will support Tamilians.

Also, Bharathiraja has decided to unravel the true colors of all political parties that are heading just with personal wellness and not for the society. The rally would be followed across other regions like Aarani, Salem, Erode, Tirupur, Dindukal, Virudhunagar, Thenkasi, Thirunalveli, Sivagangai, Kadalur and so on… The propaganda will get over on May 11…

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