Bharathiraja’s ultimate destiny of Kollywood

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Over for many decades, veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja has been passionately making some of the best films. Indeed, he has been one of the pioneers paving way for Golden period in Tamil cinema. Nonetheless, the filmmaker got away with low profile due to some of his films not doing well at box office. His previous films ‘Taj Mahal’, ‘Kangalal Kaidhu Sei’ weren’t good hits and to a surpassing degree was his ‘Bommalattam’. The film proved to be an extraordinary showpiece at box office and received good laurels.

Now, the filmmaker is busy shooting for a small screen series in Kalainyar TV. He had earlier mentioned that his ‘Kutra Parambarai’ will be the best of all his movies. It was supposed to be made at a bigger budget of leading actors as star-casts. Due to some constraints, the film project is still not taking off. But the ace auteur assures that his intentions of getting into films will be accomplished only after making ‘Kutra Parambarai’ and ‘Appa Aatha’.

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