Bharath & Perarasu: Returns of the Pazhani

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Perarasu – surefooted filmmaker has delivered colossal hits in box office filling the sacs of his producers with more profits. Unfortunately, some of his previous flicks didn’t turn to be good grosser and naturally that made actors turning down from his offers. Nevertheless, Bharath has been the chap splendidly saying ‘Cheers’ to him as he made a commendable hit with ‘Pazhani’.

With prior information stating that Perarasu will be titling his flick as ‘Thiruthani’, he has now rechristened it as ‘Thirumangalam’. Female lead roles and rest of the star-casts are yet to be finalized. Meanwhile, project of Vijay’s 50th film is in the pipeline and he doesn’t reveal anything on conclusions.

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