Bharath and Priyamani together before marriage

This sounds quite dizzy, frizzling up your senses. But, not in mere real life that bharath and Priyamani are living together. ‘Aarumugam’ featuring both of them in lead role has imposed such kind of charactrerization in the frame. According to the story, Bharath plays a owner of roadside Idli shop and his only aim is to fulfill his mother’s dream. Living together with his sister Sharanya, Bharath’s only interest is Priyamani and both live together without getting married. This is something clichéd and more times we have seen in many flicks and Director Suresh Krishna uses it for publicity factor.

Bharath needs to compete with a big shop and that’s not possible. So, its gets on the with the direct clash between Ramya Krishnan, owner of the shop and her role in this film will surely enthrall the audiences, says the director.

The film is produced by Cool Productions that earlier churned out ‘Pidichirukku’ and at present, ‘Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar’. Suresh Krishna directs the film and his blockbusters like ‘Satya’, ‘Baasha’, ‘Annamalai’ and more are unforgettable.

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