Bharadwaj tries imitating Harris Jayaraj

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Just imagine Bharadwaj referring himself to Harris Jayaraj. None of the songs have turned to be flops in the list of Harris Jayaraj with combination of Gowtham Menon. As Harris Jayaraj and Gowtham Menon have come up with their own statements for the parting of their ways, Bharadwaj tries to get himself under the spotlights. Yeah! Speaking to one of the leading media channel, Bharadwaj has spoken something similar to the same lines of what Harris Jayaraj had written in his letter. Bharadwaj says, “Director Saran has been roping him in for all his projects. Well, as he is in pursuit of new musical style, Hariharan-Leslie has been offered to score music. I would like to clearly state that my music will be rocking all throughout even without my combination of Director Saran”.

Is the pair of Gowtham Menon-Harris Jayaraj and Saran-Bharadwaj are the same? It’s a billion dollar question…

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