Best stories still in theaters

It’s been nearly more than 50 and 100 days, yet there are flicks sans A-rated star casts ruling the box office. If you aren’t sure about this, we have our evidence of it. Subramaniapuram has successfully completed its 100 days and still the film is running successfully in many theatres of Tamil Nadu. Over here in Chennai, Sai Shanthi runs the shows for 12.30, 3.30 and continuous 3 shows in Gopi Krishna. Poi Solla Porom directed by Vijay has been increased in its shows. Sathyam Cinemas, Inox, Sai Shanthi, Roopam, Mayajaal, Suriyan, SSR Pankajam and many more theatres are screening this film.

Nayagan starring JK Ritish and Ramana in lead roles turned out to be an expected excellence. The film has crossed 75days and it’s yet successful for it is screened in few theaters of Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.

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