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We, the team members of Kollywood Today are extremely elated about good response for the polls of ‘Best Actors of 2008’. It’s been a great response from our viewers and this has been a great successful poll. Now, we’re ready for next poll ‘Best Director of 2008’. However, all that we have to say is the same when it comes to results of all movies released this year. Amongst 101 films released, none of them have done great job at box office as well amongst audiences.

Here goes the list of filmmakers who deserve the best director awards… But kindly don’t use abusive words or bring in any actors name unnecessarily. It’s completely about Directors and no need of getting unwanted issues. If anyone is found posting indecent comments, they would be spotted with their IP Address and serious steps would be taken against them. The best entries with good comments will win special gifts after all polls are over…

Director Mysskin: ‘Anjathey’ has been one of the finest films released this year. With small budget amount invested, the film was a super hit. Apart from this, Mysskin made a great attempt and went successful by making audiences glued to their seats for continuous 180mins.

Director K.S. Ravikumar: ‘Dasavatharam’ has been a commercial success during this year. Kamal Haasan stupendous performance along with perfect direction made the film a great blockbuster.

Director Venkat Prabhu: ‘Saroja’ – Can be considered as one of the year’s best entertainer. With no superstars on the cards, the film made great waves at box office. Venkat Prabhu has also favored Pyramid Saimira from sinking in loss with ‘Kuselan’.

Director Kannan: ‘Jayam Kondan’ – Launched from the laps of Mani Rathnam, Kannan made his directorial debut with this film. It was a good entertainer for all audiences and in fact the film was so decent without any profanity and vulgarity.

Director Gowtham Menon: ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’. An different genre indeed of Drama and most of the times it’s not a grand success in Tamil cinema. Hats off to Gowtham Menon for a great attempt and indeed making Surya depicted so differently enchanting.

Director Sasi: ‘Poo’. Though released during last moment of the year, the film has been winning critical acclaims. Director Sasi has surely elevated the standard of Tamil Cinema with this film. Presenting actors so differently in dimension and strong story blended with emotional quotients wins the race.

So, here’s your turn to vote the best directors and go ahead…

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