Azhagan Thamizhmani shares his experience during the shooting of Nan Kaduval

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Azhagan Thamizhmani says that Bala can make a handful of mud to act. Thamizhmani who is a producer who produced films like Malayoor Mamattiyan, Anbulla Rajnikanth, Solai Kuyil and Dharmapathini is an important personality in the Film Producer’s Council. But this person has humbled himself and followed Bala with patience which has earned him now a name as a good actor.

 Thamizhmani has acted as Arya’s father in Nan Kaduval. Thamizhmani while sharing his experience about Nan Kaduval said, “Three years back I had come to vote in the Producers Council. Bala approached me there and asked me to act in his film. I told him that I was not interested in acting in films. But he forcibly made me agree to act in his film. He shot the scenes featuring me for 31 days in Kasi. Though it was freezing cold I use to get up at four in the morning and will be ready at the shooting spot at 6. Bala shot each scene in an innovative way. I had to walk through the burning corpses in search of Arya. Bala had instructed that the flames of all corpses should burn in the same height without any variation. Though the logs were piled in the same height, the flames could not maintain the same height due to the gusty wind in the Ganges River. When the flames were in the appropriate situation, I was not able to act. Hence we had to go for 7 or 8 takes. The heat was horrible and it aggravated my face. But Bala will go on shooting until he is satisfied. There are a lot of incidents like this. The saddest part is that during the shooting of this film my mother expired. As per the tradition I have to tonsure my head. Though Bala had not told me not to shave my head, I on my own decided not to shave my head and with the permission of my relatives I performed the last rites of my mother. Only after completing the shooting I dissolved the ashes of my mother in Rameshwaram. I tonsured my head for this purpose after getting the permission of Bala because I was worried about the patch work.”

Thamizhmani is currently acting in a movie title Yathumagi, directed by a newcomer Balakumar. Thamizhmani is also producing a movie titled Othaiku Othai, to be directed by Sanjay Ram. It would feature his son who would be debuting as hero.

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