Ayngaran International in trouble

It wasn’t just the Pyramid Saimira who had obtained the release rights of Kuselan, but Ayngaran Films too. Despites Rajnikanth himself stating that he wouldn’t be performing full-fledged role in this film, K.Balachandar and Seven Art Films sold it out for Rs.65Crores bluffing that Rajnikanth appears through the film. Even Rajnikanth demanded for his usual remuneration of Rs.26Crores.

With the film getting flunked at the box-office, distributors, exhibitors and theatre owners had approached Pyramid Saimira and Ayngaran International to compensate the loss amount of Rs.40. In case of both production houses not refunding for the loss, the association has announced that they wouldn’t be cooperating with the release of any of the films produced by Ayngaran and Kavithalaya Productions. At least it wouldn’t be a big issue for Kavithalaya since the films are being produced at medium level (Thiruvannamalai and Krishnaleelai). But its Ayngaran that is in deep troubles since its producing the big budget films Rajnikanth starrer Robot, Vijay’s Villu and Ajith’s Aegan…

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