Ayan posters in American Railway Stations

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For the first time the Tamil poster of Ayan which has Surya in the lead has been put up in the Railway station of America. When asked about this K V Anand, the director of this film said,” You can see a different Surya in this film. He will not be the usual stiff faced but will be jubilant and gala in this film. He has donned various get ups in this film. There will no artificiality in his acting in this film. There will be a total difference. There will be no James Bond and superman stuff in this film. He will be seen as a boy you know in your neighborhood.

We will enjoy his performance. Ayan has gat a special treatment in USA. The poster of Ayan featuring Surya has been put up in New Jersey metro railway station. Commuters have been attracted by this. This is the first in Tamil cinema history; a Tamil film poster is displayed in America.”

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