Ayan creates history at box office

When there are no big tickets for the race, ‘Ayan’ seems to be treading as a surefooted deer at box office. Indeed, it’s a wonderful project for Sun Pictures that wouldn’t have expected so much profit themselves. The film was released on April 3 and till now, the shows are going house-packed. Precisely, the summer vacations have let in more and more audiences for the film.

On the pars, previous week’s releases ‘Guru En Aalu’, ‘Mariyaadhai’ and ‘Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puraavum’ has received lukewarm response. However as ‘Guru En Aalu’ has picked in more crowd, ‘Ayan’ has no reasons to worry till third week of May as ‘Sarvam’ and ‘Kandasamy’ will be hitting screens at that point.